Working with Me

💖 Core values

  • Helping others grow
  • Executing on goals
  • Improving the process together

🧠 Personality “type”

🏃🏽 What motivates me

  • I care deeply about the democratization of technology and culture
  • I want to work with a talented and diverse team to build exceptional user experiences
  • I want to help engineers learn and grow to become effective leaders and architects
  • I consider myself a product engineer because I lean into my design and product sensibilities

🙌🏽 Working style

  • I love headlines, bullet points and to help keep things clear and concise
  • My focus is on quality, process, and efficiency
  • Together we should pay close attention to details, but do our best to balance time and energy
  • I want our work to have meaning and scale to reach as many people as possible
  • Some things are beyond our control. We should work with others help us understand constraints and reduce blocking dependencies
  • I believe collaboration and transparency will help us grow into a strong team
  • I care deeply about diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • On meetings
    • They provide a good line of communication and bring everyone to the table
    • We should strive to be efficient, and they should always contain agendas
    • We should gather clear action items with owners and follow updates
    • Please make the calendar invites editable to allow for flexible scheduling
  • On 1:1s
    • If we work closely together, we should schedule a recurring meetings
    • Please help me understand your role, and we should always work to make your work trouble-free and more effective
    • We should keep a doc with the next topics to chat about, but we should always keep the following questions in mind
      • What has gone well?
      • What can be improved?

🌳 Feedback

  • I appreciate honest and actionable feedback that can help me learn, improve and I will do my best to earn your trust
  • I’m working on being confident in my decisions, but I will always take your opinions into consideration
  • I’m working on becoming a better leader, and I ask for your advice and patience
  • I am very dedicated and passionate about my work, but I have a terrible poker face. I will do my best to keep my emotions in check.
  • Reach out to my lead to provide anonymous feedback

📲 Communication

  • When working from home I try to stick to a schedule of 8am to 4pm (12-1pm lunch)
  • Slack is the best way to contact me for urgent requests and quick questions, but if I can’t provide an answer, I’ll add you to the right channel and tag others to also help
  • Email is excellent for information dissemination and async responses, but always let me know something is blocking your work
  • If there is something that requires dialogue, it should probably live in Paper where we can comment and track action items
  • You are welcome to schedule some time with me for a more in-depth conversations
  • For zoom meetings, I will try have my video on, but don’t feel this is necessary for you if you need more privacy
  • When working home, I’m in a closed room, but we might be joined by a toddler or a little dog

🌞 Life outside of work

  • I’m a volunteer and board member at DevMission, a non-profit that helps underserved youth learn critical technical skills
  • I live in Walnut Creek with my wife Michelle, our daughter Sabina and our little dog, Molly
  • I enjoy snowboarding, mountain biking and going out to eat at new restaurants
  • Add me on LinkedIn so we can stay connected

Doc last updated in January, 2023

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